Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mission Statement

I will try as hard as possible to make this blog a place you can go to find out about new and old movies and decide whether or not to watch them. In this economy money and time are in short supply and you want to know when to use what little free time and money you have to watch a movie. I hope that you'll come here to get honest advice on films that is as fair as it can be as well as informative. I'll help you figure out what movies you'll like, learn what other movies you might like that are related, and also the relationship to films you already know. I have found that most critics are people who are either in the industry or wannabes who are extremely jealous and have a real ego problem. A handful of them are even paid to write good or bad reviews on certain movies to trick you into going and seeing them. Others use their writing to tear down directors, producers or actors that they hate or resent and you can definitely tell it. I promise that you'll never read a review here that doesn't include some good things about a particular movie or TV show, but I will be honest. I personally feel that films are art and are to be interpreted by the viewer and judged accordingly. I don't believe (with a very, very, very few exceptions) that a movie "sucks" or is "garbage," I just think there are movies that some people don't like. I think it is a critic's job to try to help people who are trying to decide what movies to watch and steer them to films they might enjoy and maybe save a person from a movie that they won't. It's not a critic's job to pick apart every single aspect of a movie and tear the ones they don't particularly like to shreds. If I see a movie I didn't like, I'll tell you the reasons why I didn't but also why I could imagine some people would like it in the hopes that maybe my tastes are just a little bit different. I wouldn't want to exclude a movie from someone who would like it simply because I didn't. Every film has redeeming qualities and I will point them out. I will say what works and what doesn't but I won't nitpick and I won't villainize anyone. Every movie that comes out was worked hard on by someone and they deserve a lot of credit for that. For most filmmakers it is a labor of love and they aren't doing it for the money, so to tell them their movie blew ass and that it should be set on fire and that they should douse themselves with gasoline and jump in with it is not the way to go. I won't do that. So, I hope I can give you some good advice about films and TV shows and maybe you'll come to trust me and come here often.

If you'd like me to review a movie of yours or write for your publication or to put on this blog please email

I would greatly appreciate access to any screeners and I promise they won't show up on the internet after I get them. Also, if you have a request for me to watch a film and tell you what I think about it email me and I'll see what I can do or write some comments on a post.

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